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I Can Be Your Heroine Part 2.
Thank you for all your comments so far :) I decided to write another part, but its only a short one, Might update later. I'm certainly looking forward to some Sophian tonight :)

I can be your Heroine part 2.

“Vinnie! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the wedding?” Ciaran asks whilst pouring a pint.

“What?” Vinnie asks drunkenly. “They are getting married today?”
"Yeah, at the Local Church, didn't you get an invite?" Ciaran rose an eyebrow.
"Yeah, but I urm..Forgot."
"How much have you had Vinnie?" Ciaran said concerned.
"None of your business! There's no way she's getting married to that thing!" Vinnie stormed out of the Rovers door before Ciaran could stop him. Vinnie left with a half empty bottle of whisky glued to his hand. He decided to go to the Cabin and get another bottle, he felt like he was going to need it.

The silver Rolls Royce pulled up outside the church. Kevin jumped out and opened the door for Sophie and Rosie to get out. Katy was stood waiting for them by the entrance to the church.
“This is it.” Sophie thought with butterflies swarming her stomach. She takes a step inside, linked with her father; Sophie made her way down to Sian followed by the Bridesmaids. Sophie didn’t look around to see who had turned up, her eyes where fixed to Sian’s. Both of them had tears in their eyes. As they reached the front, Sophie was greeted by Sian’s soft lips.
“You look beautiful.” Sian said when they parted.
“You look even more beautiful babe.” Sophie replied with a grin. They took each other’s hand and sang the first hymn.

“We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Sophie Webster and Sian Powers.” The Vicar began. He continued on with what love means and how the pair got together. He then asked for Kevin’s blessing and asked the rest of the church for their blessing too.
However, outside the church doors, Vinnie was listening to the service waiting for the “Are there any objections to why these two shall not marry?" Vinnie took one last gulp of his whisky and burst through the doors. Gasps echoed around the hall and heads turning to see a drunken, tramp-like man standing at the other end.

“I Object!” Vinnie shouted, making his way down the aisle.
Sian and Sophie turned to see an angry Vinnie charge down towards them. Sian felt something funny going on in her stomach, it didn't feel right...

I like to leave cliffhangers :D Hope you like it :)
Briony x

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awwww i hate vinnie so much i am going to kill him i loved this part plz update soon xx <333

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