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First Fanfic.
I decided to have a go and write a Sophian FanFic. It's called "I can be your Heroine." I took the title from Enrique Iglasias' Hero. It's set 5 years into the future and it's the day were Sophie and Sian are getting married, but someone tries to ruin their day and a secret is unfolded. Rating is about 14+.

I can be your Heroine.

Today was the day where Sophie Webster and Sian Powers would tie the knot. After 5 years of being together happily in love, Sian popped the question in The Rovers in front of the whole street. Tears grew from Sophie’s eyes, how could she say no? She practically fell in love with the girl the moment she set eye’s on her! Although, Sian’s father Vinnie, never really accepted them, he popped up every now and then, however, he didn’t take the news that they were getting married very well, Vinnie refused to attend, which broke a part of Sian’s heart, but she learned to get over it, she had Sophie that was all that mattered.

Sian was in her bedroom, which she shares with Sophie, Sophie was at her parent’s house, they wanted to keep the tradition simple, even though the Pastor called them “Sinful” a couple of years back, but they never backed down, they were in love with each other and no-one could break what they have.

Sian had help from Michelle, even though Ryan moved away to go on tour with his band, Michelle always stood by her side and defended her when she needed defending. Michelle was like a mum to Sian, a mum she never really had. Carol? Well Sian lost contact with her not long after the pair admitted their love for each other when they returned from Sheffield. Which didn’t bother Sian very much, she hardly saw her anyway.

“You okay love?” Michelle softly asks.

“Yeah, on top of the world. Do you think Soph will like it?” Sian said whilst turning around in her plain white dress.

“She will love it dear; I bet she’ll shed a few tears.” Michelle laughs.

Sophie would be walked down the aisle by Kevin. Bill, her grandfather died in the Tram Crash 5 years ago at Christmas, it certainly wasn’t a Christmas to remember. Sally died 2 years ago from Terminal Cancer, everyone thought she had survived from it the last time after the amount Chemo she had, but this time she wasn’t so lucky. Rosie settled down after Sally passed, she found true love with Jason and had a child last year, Damien he was called. Rosie was one of Sophie and Sian’s bridesmaids alongside Katy, Chesney’s one and only. Ches was the pair’s “Best Man”, he was always there for them when they needed him, and knew them the longest out of any of their friends from the street.

“Common’ Sophie! You’re carriage awaits!” Kevin shouts from the bottom of the stairs.

“Alright Dad, you’re not the one wearing a thin white dress and lots of make up!” Sophie sarcastically says whilst walking down, with Rosie trailing behind.

“Wow.” Kevin sheds a tear. “My little baby has finally grown up. Come here.” He reaches out for a hug.

“Okay Dad, now we don’t want to be late do we?” Sophie raises an eyebrow.

“No you’re right, common’ love, let’s get into my Tow-Truck.”

“DAD?! I can’t go in a Tow-Truck! That is like the worst thing you can turn up at your wedding day in!” Sophie shouts.

“Soph, you really think Dad would let you turn up in that piece of junk?” Rosie laughs.

“Ehy, less of the nastiness thank you, my Tow-Truck is amazing. It’s my best friend. But seriously Soph, here is your ride.” Kevin opens the door with a cheesy grin on his face. There outside was a parked Silver Rolls Royce, with cream leather seats and a glossy wooden finish inside. Sophie had tears in her eyes, it was beautiful.

“Let’s get going then!” Rosie excitedly exclaimed. The trio climbed into the shiny car and set off to the church.

Meanwhile, Sian had already arrived at the Church. She excused herself from the arriving guests and went to the loo.

“I’ve got the two perfect people in my life, Sophie and you.” Sian rubbed her tummy and smiled warmly. Only Sophie, Sian, Rosie, Ches and Katy knew that there was going to be a new member to the family. Sian was 3 months pregnant, all because of Chesney. Ches offered (with Katy’s permission) to help make a family for Sophie and Sian. The pair where over joyed that there life was now complete and they could now settle down as a family. Sian heard Michelle call from outside, she took a deep breath and made her way to the front of the Church, waiting for Sophie to arrive.

Should I continue? Let me know what you think :)
Briony x

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aww this is so sweet keep it up x

awww sians pregnant thats cute i loved it please continue xx <333

This is really good Briony :D
You should continue and quickly :)

Loved it please continue x

Ooooooooh keep goin likey this alot :D xx

omg plz carry this on it is amazin i wanna read more plz and talk bout cliff hanger lol love it tho well done

you should deffo continue, cant wait to see more :) x

aww so sweet, you should definitely continue! xx

Hell yeah! This is really good :o)

Really good hun, please continue x

oh please continue i love this x

So cute please carry on heheheeh :)
LOVED it i really did ahahaha
good way to pass time at college thanks :) lvoed it loads and please countine

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