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I can be your Heroine Part 5
Sorry it's been a while! Got my controlled assesment this week :(
Rating: PG

I Can Be Your Heroine Part 5.

24 hours ago, Sian was looking at Sophie right into her blue eyes as she was walking down the aisle. 24 hours ago they were encountered by a selfish man. 24 hours later, Sian was in a hospital bed. Her eyes where swollen. She looked to her right and found Sophie on the camp bed that the Hospital gave her to sleep on for the night. Sian felt lonely not waking up in her arms. The blonde hadn’t really got any sleep last night, she just looked up, trying to forget what happened. She was so happy yesterday morning, only up to when her Dad interrupted her paradise. She swore revenge. Vinnie would pay for what he has done. Yeah sure people would turn around and say “You can always try again.” But it’s not the same, not if it’s your very first child living inside you and it dies right inside you. Sian was disturbed by her thoughts by Sophie falling off the camp bed on to the floor, “She must have thought I was right next to her.” Sian thought, but she couldn’t help but smile at her.
“Nice to see you smiling babe.” Sophie said, rubbing the pain away from her arm. “How you doing?”
“Not well, feel quite empty.” Sian replied, Sophie knew how she was feeling, she felt empty too.
“Do you want me to get anything for you?” Sophie asked.
“Some toast will be nice thanks.”
“Okay, I’ll be back in a bit.” Sophie leaned in and kissed Sian on the cheek. Sian loved the way Sophie gently kissed her, it showed how caring and loving she is. As Sophie left, Sian felt even more alone, she lifted up her top and rubbed her stomach, trying to imagine the living thing inside her, but it was no use, tear built up again blurring her vision.
“Babe, please don’t cry I know it’s hard, but we’ll get through it, we always get through everything, I’ll make sure he pays for what he has done!” Sophie rushed to her side wiping her tears.
“But yesterday was supposed to be our day, I’m meant to be sat here as your wife!”
“I know, and I’m meant to be sat here as your wife too.” Sophie said as an idea came to her head. “I’ll be right back okay, Dad and Rosie are outside.”
“Soph..” Sian said. “Is Michelle out there?”
“No, she went when Ches heard the news, she said she was getting some air and she didn’t return.” Sophie said as she made her way out the door.
Kevin and Rosie jumped out their chairs embracing Sophie into a hug. “Sophie, how’s Sian?” Rosie asked.
“Not good, listen I need you guys to do me a huge favour..” Sophie continued on asking what she wanted her Dad and Sister to do. “Arrange with the Vicar to do another service for us only, at a private setting at the beach, in the sunset, hopefully tomorrow evening. Sian’s being discharged this afternoon and I don’t want her moping about, I mean I don’t blame her but I want us to move on, forget about Vinnie and try again.”
“Soph, we would be honoured to help you, we’ll get on it right away.” Kevin replied.
“Do you want me to dry clean your dresses?” Rosie asked.
“Please. Oh and can you find out where Michelle is, I think Sian wants her?” Sophie said with a smile.
Everyone went their separate ways. Kevin pulled out his phone and dialled Michelle’s number.
“Alright, Michelle. Yeah, yeah she’s fine. Look, I think Sian wants to see you. Yup okay see you in a bit. Bye.” Kevin put the phone down. “She’ll be here in about 2 hours.”
“Okay, well lets go and sort out a wedding!” Rosie excitedly said.
The pair linked arms and walked out the hospital doors. Meanwhile back at Michelle’s, Vinnie has awoken from the spare bedroom, wondering where he is.
“Alright?” Michelle leans against the door frame. Vinnie groans and faces Michelle, squinting his eyes.
“Why, why am I here?”
“Number of reasons. You refuse to accept Sophie and Sian. You pushed Sian into the end row of chair at the church and killed her baby and you’re drinking yourself silly.”
“I-I-I have to go.” Vinnie said whilst gathering his things. He pushes past Michelle, but suddenly stops to a halt as his arm is being pulled back.
“You’re not going anywhere. Not until you find a way of apologising and accepting Sophie and Sian.” Michelle said with anger in her voice.

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Oh my goodness. This is amazinggg love ittt <33

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