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I Can Be Your Heroine Part 4.
Here's part 4! It will get happier promise xx

I Can Be You Heroine Part 4.

Words could not describe how worried, upset and angry Sophie was. The paramedics managed to bring Sian round in the ambulance, but the pain surged through her and she could not stop screaming. They reached the Hospital, Sian took Sophie’s hand and with the other hand took off her gas mask and said whilst struggling to breathe

“I’ll be okay baby, the baby will be okay.” Sophie wasn’t convinced, she found it hard to believe the tiny baby had died inside of Sian, if it had died, this broke Sophie’s heart.

“Of course you’ll be okay, go and get some rest, I’ll see you in a bit.” The Paramedics went on into the Ultrasound room, Sophie stopped in the stretcher’s tracks.

“I can’t go in there and see my son or daughter motionless.” Sophie’s eyes filled with tears. She felt a pair of hands hold onto her shoulders.

“I’d rather you go in and be with her, be strong Soph, for all of us.” Chesney propped Sophie towards the doors. As she entered she saw the doctors put Sian onto a bed, and the Ultrasound equipment placed next to her. She grabbed a chair and sat by Sian’s side and held her hand tightly.

“Wh-h-hat you doing.” Sian said worryingly.

“Where just checking if the baby is okay.” The Doctor said calmly.

“The baby is fine, I know it is.” Sian snapped.

“Sian, let’s just check yeah.” Sophie said, Goosebumps covered her arms, she could feel Sian’s hand grip tighter. They rubbed cold jelly like substance on Sian’s stomach. They turned the monitor on and rubbed the remote on Sian’s tummy looking for the baby. Sophie felt like she was going to be sick, she has never been so worried. The Doctor found the baby, and tried to find his heart beat. Sophie and Sian stared at the monitor, trying to pick out any movement. Sian’s eyes started to fill.

“Why isn’t it moving? What’s wrong with my baby?” She looked at Sophie, tears fell, Sophie bowed her head.

“No, no, it’s alive, I know it is. Sophie please!” Sian broke down.

“I’m so sorry, there’s no heartbeat.” The Doctor said, even she had tears building up in her eyes. Sophie dug her head into the bed, Sian looked up to the ceiling, she couldn’t stop the tears. Their first child had died, their first child that she was going witness their first step, their first day at Primary School. Sian’s felt crushed and full of remorse.

“He is going to pay for this.” Sian said gritting her teeth, she pulled Sophie up and pulled her into a hug, they both cried and cried and cried until they ran out of tears. Outside Chesney could hear them crying, his gut dropped. He turned around to Katy, Kevin, Rosie and Michelle

“It’s gone.” Chesney broke down into Katy’s arms. Rosie place her hand on her chest, the tears broke her barrier, same with Kevin. Michelle left to go outside. The group huddled together, sobbing and waiting till Sophie and Sian came out of the room.

Michelle was standing outside, when she suddenly saw a silhouette come towards her.

“Come to ruin their day even more, coz I think you have done enough haven’t you?!”

“How is she? Is my daughter okay?” Vinnie asked

“What after you grabbed her and pushed her into the end of the row of chairs? Of course she’s not!” Michelle shouted

“What about the baby?” Vinnie replied, the guilt was building up even more. Michelle to a while to reply.

“She lost it. She lost their baby.” Michelle said, the tears where now building up in her eyes. Vinnie gulped, he didn’t know what to say, or do. He couldn’t say sorry, that just wouldn’t be enough, he couldn’t go up there, he would have been sent back out again. All he could do was collapse onto the floor and cry. Michelle could tell he was sorry for what he done, she decided to take him back home with her, sort him out, get it into his head that he has to accept his daughter and make emends with Sophie and Sian.

“Common’ you’re coming with me.” Michelle pulled him up and dragged him to a taxi.

“This isn’t gunna be easy.” Michelle thought to herself, but she knew it was the right thing to do..

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awww noooo the baby :'( great writing btw x

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