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I Can Be Your Heroine Part 3
I loved tonights episode, could not stop smiling. Loved how Sian protected Sophie. Heres an update for tonight :)

I Can Be Your Heroine Part 3.

“Excuse me, do you have a reason why?” The Vicar asked.
“I don’t want that thing marrying my daughter, she is not a lesbian!” Vinnie shouted.
“DAD!” Sian cried. She looked at Sophie, she could see the anger building up inside her.

“Dad, she is not a thing. She is Sophie Webster and I love her! I don’t care what I am, I am ME when I’m with her! You have never accepted us! This is what I want, I’m old enough to make my own decisions. Sophie is the only person who has ever made me feel special and wanted, you, you just wanted me to be what you wanted me to be!”

“Sian, calm down, don’t distress the baby.” Sophie whispered into Sian’s ear.
“Soph I got this.” Sian smiled weakly, the pain was increasing.
“What did she just say? You’re not like her! You can never have a family! I would of preferred it if you were with Helmet Head Ryan! Than that dyke.” Vinnie shouted.
“Can someone get him out of here?” Rosie asked.

“Vinnie, what we have is normal. What we are doing is normal. You can’t just decide ‘Oh I’m gunna love her coz I’m fed up with boys.’ It’s what’s inside here.” Sophie points to her heart. “It’s about feelings, and it’s called love! What myself and Sian have is a bond that can never be broken. We are in love, and we’re happy. You can’t stop us.” Sophie exclaimed.

Sian’s pain was increasing even more, she started to crouch over.
“Sian you okay?” Kevin asked.
“Yeah I’m fine, just tummy ache.” Sian replied, but you could tell she was getting worried.
“Watch me Sophie, common’ Sian, you’re coming with me!” Vinnie grabbed Sian’s arm really tightly and started to drag her back up the aisle.
“Dad let go of me!” Sian screamed, trying to push him off.
“SIAN!” Sophie ran after Vinnie. He pushed Sian into one of the seats, ready to grab Sophie and push her back down towards Kevin. Sian bent over in agony, she couldn’t take the pain any longer, the room started to spin around her, she lost her breath, and collapsed onto the floor. The whole world blacked out in front of her.

“SIAN!” Sophie repeated her name again even louder than before. She jumped to her side and cradled the blonde in her arms.
“Sian wake up! Please don’t let it be the baby!” Sophie started to cry.
“What did you say Soph?” Kevin said as he restrained Vinnie.
“SHE’S PREGNANT!” Sophie cried, holding her Sian tightly.
Everyone looked at each other, Vinnie’s face dropped.
“She’s pregnant?” Vinnie struggled to get his words out. He pushed himself off Kevin turning around holding his hands to his head.
“Yes! And you thought she couldn’t have a family. We had it all planned. I wanted to marry this woman today, and break the news at the reception. You ruined it all Vinnie! Sian please wake up!” Sophie sobbed, rocking Sian like a baby.

Vinnie couldn’t believe what he was hearing. All this time he thought Sian couldn’t have a family. He only wanted to be a Grandad, he knew he had a lot of explaining to do, when Sian came round. If she came round. The Ambulance arrived, Paramedics went straight to Sian and took her from Sophie’s arms. Rosie embraced Soph, pulling her back whilst the Paramedics tried to bring Sian round. They put her onto a stretcher, and wheeled her out into the Ambulance with Sophie walking behind…

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OMG this is really gd i hope sian and the baby r ok cant wait 2 read more x

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